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What Vinyl do we Use

We only use – Avery Dennison® 700 Premium Film Calendered polymeric PVC vinyl

Avery Dennison® 700 Premium Film is a high performing, medium life polymeric vinyl. It gives perfect results on cutting plotters and offers excellent weeding properties even with small letters. Avery Dennison® 700PF white and Avery Dennison® 730PF white matt are manufactured on a blue contrast backing paper for ease of conversion. First-rate dimensional stability and high opacity make it ideal for vehicle and window graphics, indoor and outdoor fascias, directional signage, billboards and promotional displays. The product now offers easier converting thanks to enhanced cutting and weeding layflat properties with a backing paper that provides squares to make cutting even easier. Avery Dennison® 700 Premium Film is screen printable and suitable for flat and curved surfaces.
  • Superior cutting and weeding.
  • Excellent dimensional stability.
  • High gloss appearance.
  • Attractive film range with 120 colours.
  • Good opacity.
In all our years of Vinyl Application, we have found that Avery 700 Premium offers us the Best possible choice and use for 9o% of our Signage Applications here at Sticker Time.