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Vinyl stickers vs paper stickers

Vinyl stickers vs paper stickers

Slathering our folders and workbooks in school with stickers is something that we are all familiar with. From our favourite bands to cartoons, comics, and book characters, it was a trend that has continued even to the present. This helped us to personalise our items and they were affordable and easy to apply which made them so much more alluring.

As we progressed to adulthood, stickers have derived a whole new meaning. They can be used for brand personalisation and marketing. You can order custom vinyl decals online with vinyl text and lettering to promote your business. These can be handed out to potential customers and clients for advertising in various settings, and even as bumper stickers for cars so that your message travels wherever your customers go!

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Materials used to create custom vinyl stickers and paper stickers

The materials used to produce vinyl stickers include PVC resins and plasticisers. To improve UV absorption, stabilisers are used to reduce the effects of UV light to help the stickers withstand the elements. The adhesive graphics also generally use butyl or polyisobutylene as the sticking medium. Matte and glossy paper are both used in the manufacture of paper stickers. They are not laminated, but they often use pressure-sensitive adhesive.

The benefits of vinyl stickers

As custom cut vinyl lettering and logos are laminated, they can be used outdoors. They can withstand wet weather and so they are great from inside and out. They also contain UV stabilisers so that they can counteract the effects of the sun and avoid fading. You can order vinyl decals online to fit custom specifications such as shape, size and style. You can get high quality printed custom vinyl lettering at very affordable prices, although they are not as inexpensive as the paper alternative. The materials used are thicker and stronger than paper stickers. Just like the paper stickers however, vinyl stickering uses pressure-sensitive adhesive, so no heat or water is required to stick them to a surface. In some cases, they can even be peeled off and reused, but the adhesion may not be as effective. They can be either opaque or transparent.
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The differences between vinyl stickers and paper stickers

Despite the obvious difference between the materials used, vinyl and paper, there are a few other differences that you should consider if you are looking for work decals for your advertising campaign. Paper stickers are much thinner and can scratch or tear off easily. They can also be written on or come off in wet weather so they are not entirely weather resistant. The colour is not treated with UV stabilisers so they will also fade over time if used outside.

On the other hand, vinyl lettering and stickers are much harder to scratch and are all-around tougher. They are also more likely to be weather resistant. They can not be written on or rub off, unlike the paper versions. Exterior vinyl lettering and logos are more durable in so many ways and are easy to wipe clean. After applying vinyl decals, if you change your mind about placement or want to replace them then they often come off in one piece!

The Benefits of Paper Stickers

They are however produced in large rolls and are much cheaper than their vinyl counterparts. If you want mass-produced stickers than paper may be the way to go if they are not for use outdoors.
Paper Stickers on a Wall dont last as long as Vinyl Stickers