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The pros and cons of vinyl bumper stickers

The pros and cons of vinyl bumper stickers

Bumper stickers have been around for years and they are a great way to personalise your car. Applying vinyl decals to your car can express your political beliefs, a particular cause that you support, or promote your favourite sports team or even your business. We can communicate to the greater world through such a simple and easy way.

How often do you sit in traffic and look at the bumper of the car in front of you? You have likely seen something that has stuck with you, whether it is an eye-catching logo or custom vinyl lettering in the form of a joke or pun. It can help to individualise your vehicle and make it easily identifiable. It can also be used as free advertising for your business or workplace!

Sign Written Vehicle in Vinyl Lettering

Pros of vinyl car graphics

The material that is used for bumper stickers is quite important because of their exposure to the elements and how this can affect the quality of the bumper sticker that you have chosen. This is why paper stickers are not such a good idea for this use. Vinyl stickers have UV stabilisers in them which can avoid fading due to sun exposure. They are also laminated, which will stop them from peeling when it rains or if they happen to get wet during a car wash. Generally, vinyl stickers are much better if you plan to use them outside.

They are also a great way to utilise free advertising. If you run your own business you can use bumper stickers as a cheap and easy way to promote it. Work decals of your logo can be given out to customers or used on fleet cars too. On the flip side if you are particularly enjoying a business, your favourite cafe for example, then you can use your bumper to promote them too!

It is a great way to individualise your vehicle and you can show off your favourite sports team, a cause or even your political views as mentioned above. But the most popular variety of car graphics is, of course, jokes and puns. This is what we specialise in here at Sticker Time, and you can find a wide variety of bumper stickers available on our site, or even use custom vinyl lettering designs to design your own!


Cons of vinyl car graphics

There are of course some downfalls to the use of vinyl car decals in some cases. If you work in government or as a teacher or similar capacity, you should probably avoid pedalling your own political beliefs in such a public way. It can also cause angst between you and your employer if your views are drastically different or somewhat controversial.

More importantly, bumper stickers can be hard to remove in some cases. If you choose to use the paper kind then this can be even more difficult to remove because they deteriorate over time in wet weather. Vinyl stickers will often come off in one piece, while the paper alternative can tear in the middle and be painful to remove fully. However, with a little elbow grease, they should come off eventually

How to remove stickers from a car
Finger about to pick at wall

How to remove custom vinyl lettering and logos

Vinyl lettering and logos can be much easier to remove than paper, as mentioned. They are less prone to tearing as they do not submit to varying weather conditions. Vinyl stickers will likely come off in one piece if you choose to remove them. People often remove their personal touch on their vehicle should they wish to sell it, to make it more marketable.

You can use your fingernail or a sharp knife to flick up the corner and slowly peel it from here. Be careful to remove it slowly as this will reduce the likelihood of paint chipping and other damage. Heat can also be used to effectively remove vinyl stickers as this can loosen the adhesive beneath.  You can do this with a hairdryer on the low heat setting, but make sure that it is not too close as this can cause staining to the paint, especially if your vehicle is a lighter colour. WD-40 or another kind of lubricant may also be useful in this situation. All in all, bumper stickers can make a great addition to your car and help you to show off your unique and personal touch. They can be fun and are of course easy to apply, which is why they are so popular around the world!