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Only complete this form if you wish us to Cut a Vinyl Sticker from your OWN Design.

We will let you know if your design meets our Cutting requirements. Not all graphics can be cut as some may be too intricate (small) for the cutter to cut the sticker.


Custom Design Request UPLOAD


If we need to convert your image to Vector

Here at Sticker Time, we offer you the best vector conversion solutions for your growing business.

  • Essential advice at a unique price.
  • Our starting price is $10 per image.The price depends on the image complexity and delivery time of course.
  • More complex work is quoted on a sliding scale based on the processing time.
  • We provide you an estimate quote before processing your images.
  • We also offer up to 20% discount for batch image files. (You just gotta Ask! )
  • If you are sending your Logo.We may also be able to RECREATE your Logo or image from Scratch if required.

Note: When uploading your image, please only upload files no smaller than 100kb (prefer higher than 200kb). Anything smaller than this may result in a less than perfect copy of your image after it has been converted.

Preferred min size would be 1mb

We only accept the following file formats:  eps, ai, cdr, svg, jpg, pdf

Maximum upload size: 16mb - Anything larger please use our Contact Form to let us know

*Maximum of 5 files combined = to 16mb