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Boat Registration Numbers 1 Pair



Boat Registration Numbers 1x pair.
1 Set of Numbers for each side of your Watercraft
Avery 7 Year Vinyl

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Default Font used = IMPACTFont ImpactExample

  1. NOTE: Die cut Stickers have No background they are cut in the shape of each number and letter. In between you will see the color of your Boat or Vessel. Please Keep this in mind when ordering:
    • Font used is IMPACT which is All Capital Block Letters
    • You receive – one for each side of your boat
    • They are NOT cut in reverse order for each side. They are the Same for either side. ie: NO left or Right!
    • Order in a contrasting colour to the hull so that it is clearly distinguishable. If the Color of your boat is white then the Boat Registration stickers should be black, if your boat is Navy blue, use White decals.
  2. Allow a minimum of 3 days for your stickers to cure on your substrate surface before taking your boat out. For best results we recommend a cure time of 5 days for maximum adhesion.
  3. We cannot refund after you have chosen your Colour or Size. So please choose wisely. Thank you!