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How to decorate your home with vinyl decals!

How to decorate your home with vinyl decals!

In modern home decorating wall stickers, vinyl decals and vinyl wall art have taken off in recent years. They are an easy solution to all of your home design projects and are certainly budget-friendly. Home décor decals will help you to transform your interiors fast and add a unique flair that completes the look of any room. From the contemporary to the classic, they help to fill a space and make it your own. They are also a great alternative to a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper

Vinyl lettering for glass windows and walls
Vinyl Personalised Living Room Wall Stikers

Modern wall decorations

Applying vinyl decals to the walls of your home is a new and exciting interior design concept. From vinyl wall stickers, decals, digital prints and wallpaper you can create a new lease on life for your existing décor. Even appliances like your laptop and your fridge can be decorated with these stickers to give them a brand new look. They can make your items fun and unique!
If you are tired of looking at your dated walls and room colours then digital wall art, decals and wall stickers may just be the answer. They can be pretty, simple and innovative. They will certainly act to brighten up your dull living spaces.
The overall best part of ordering your custom vinyl graphics online is that you can choose any design that you would like and you do not necessarily need to use them exactly as they have been designed. You can personalise them by cutting them and even layering your wall stickers to achieve your desired design.
You can choose your design to compliment your room, with custom colours, wall decorating themes, and use of creative techniques which can be combined with your wall decals and stickers. This will give you the chance to add your personal touch to the space. This can accent the wall design and make it original, artistic and unique.

Wall stickers and decals for interior decorating

Wall stickers and decals can be used in so many different ways, and below are some ideas that you could use for your home to make it stylish and eye-catching!

Mandala Vinyl Wall Sticker
Vinyl Cut Butterflies on Wallls

One of how you can change the look of a child’s room or nursery is with the use of decals. There are plenty of wall stickers and vinyl decals that can be used instead of wallpaper that will give the room the look that you desire. You can choose child-friendly pictures of almost anything to run a theme through the space and make a happy and playful space for your little ones.
Designs, such as the butterflies on the right, can add colour to an otherwise bland or neutral room.

They can also be used in the kitchen. Many people opt for custom vinyl words with unique sayings or quotes accompanied by pictures is a great way to bring your style to the room, especially the kitchen as often a lot of time in spent here with the family. DIY lettering can be used in many different ways, one example is pictured below!

Living rooms and bedrooms can be styled with larger designs that are a great replacement again for wallpaper, which is much more expensive and harder to apply to the walls.

Custom Kitchen Wall Vinyl Stickers
Vinyl Digital Wall Print Removable

Large digital prints for walls

Many of us have been looking to decorative wallpaper to add flair to a space, but large digital prints can be a great alternative. They can be spectacular if used in the right way. You can get any number of colours and can even be custom made with photos or designs of your choice. A very popular idea when using home décor decals is optical illusions. They can make an empty wall look beautiful and intriguing to you and your guests.
You can also use them to decorate your appliances, furniture and other items in the room to match the wall designs that you have chosen.
Eco style wall decorations are images that are inspired by nature. They create a peaceful atmosphere and are breathtaking in family areas and shared spaces. Adhesive graphics in the eco¬style design can be colourful floral designs, birds, or trees and leaves. They are perfect to provide a relaxing space and pleasant home décor. Elegant roses are also perfect for your bedroom wall.
Using beautiful decals, vinyl wall stickers and photo wall art are just some of the ways that you can breathe new life into your home. Large digital prints can also help to balance a room and provide an underlying theme to the space. They create interest and wonderment in a room that would have otherwise been part of the norm.