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Fault Finding – Why my Lettering won’t Stick

Why isn’t my Vinyl Lettering Sticking ?

In all my years of experience I have never had any problem with the Vinyl itself, and I always check the underside of the vinyl by removing the backing partially, just in case the cutter has cut too deeply. This would result in difficulty in not being able to remove the backing paper properly only, not the sticker adhesion.


As to not adhering to the surface we need to establish a few things.


  1. What surface is the Vinyl being adhered to? Glass, Timber, Metal?


  1. Was there any liquid applied to move the sticker around whereby you Squeegee out the liquid leaving a bubble free application?
    ( Wet Application VS Dry Application)


  1. How was the Surface prepared? what was used to clean the surface?


  1. What were the weather conditions at the time: ie – Cold, Hot, Rainy, Damp, Humid etc?



NOTE: If the Vinyl Sticker was coming off while trying to remove the Application layer, then this suggests that the Surface has some moisture content under it. The Best thing to do in this case is to squeegee the sticker again and leave for 2- 12 hours, to let the moisture under the vinyl to dry out. Then have another go at removing the top layer, firstly squeegee the sticker again, then Slowly peeling back the application layer on a sharp angle keeping the application tape close to the surface.


If that fails to work and you can easily remove the sticker from the surface leaving the application tape in place – Remove the Vinyl Sticker and Dry the surface with a lint free cloth, you may even have to warm the surface with a heat gun or dryer. Try again, repeat the Application Steps.


Trust me, the Vinyl does not loose any adhesion, it is usually only down to how it is applied and the surface prepared.


If the Vinyl still lifts off the surface then repeat the procedure – Squeegee the Sticker, Let sit for another 2 -12 hours, then squeegee again, this time (Spray some water) over the application tape. This will soften the tape helping to remove the top layer, leaving the sticker on the surface applied to.