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Custom Vinyl Lettering Explained in Fewer than 230 words

Just what makes Premium Vinyl so great? Explained in less than 230 words

Custom Vinyl Lettering Explained in Fewer than 230 words

Cut Vinyl Decals

You normally find cut vinyl decals on vehicle windows, business windows, applied to smooth walls as wall decals, and more. Cut vinyl decals are made of a solid color vinyl that is sticky on one side, with a layer of masking tape on the front. This allows you to peel off the back, and position your decal on a window or smooth surface, apply pressure, then peel off the masking layer to reveal a completely free-floating design of any size or shape.

You choose a single color of vinyl material and we cut your vector design out of the vinyl. These cut vinyl decals are more expensive than pre made stickers due to the manual labor required in production, but they have a great custom look of a printed design with no background. We offer cut vinyl decals in black or white as standard colors, but we have a catalog of 35 colors listed on our website that you can custom order. If you have a unique color or finish request, contact us to see what we can get for you.

Cut Vinyl Decals require vector artwork (.ai, .eps, .svg), or we may be able to vectorize your design / logo for a small artwork fee. Please contact us to get started on a cut vinyl decal order.

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