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Custom Vinyl Lettering

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Custom Vinyl Lettering

Need to add your company name, your contact information or other details on your work vehicles? Want to add your favorite catch phrase to your car? You can use Sticker Time to do all that and more. There are many uses for our custom vinyl lettering decals. It can be used to accompany other decals or stickers or used by itself. You can enter in any text you’d like, customize the font, color and size as it is made to order and will stick on any smooth surface

Please note: If you are placing Vinyl Stickers on a Vehicle Window then you are best to choose WHITE Lettering.
WHY? – We look at a window and treat it as a Grey Colour, so if you place Black on the window it will NOT be as visible as if you had used WHITE. The choice is completely yours, but we will not refund on Colour choice.

Thank you!
The Sticker Time Team


Every now and then, a quote or saying, possibly even just an image creates controversy!
It is then widely talked about on the Internet. Just to mix things up and to lighten the mood, we will post them on our website. 🙂
Like the recent: Kylie Jenner singing Rise and Shine. Now wanting an Aussie mum to remove the words from her sales of  T Shirts which has Rise and Shine printed on them…. Seriously!!!

Do your part ! – Buy a Rise and Shine Sticker “Today” put it on your Car 🙂 😉

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